Made the Switch after 8 Years

posted on August 25th 2015 in Uncategorized with 0 Comments

After having a love hate relationship with Canon, I’ve finally departed and knocked on the door of Panasonic. This week I made the decision to buy the Panasonic GH4, a critically acclaimed milestone that will no doubt further enhance my reach in new clients. 4k Internal recording, no 30min time restrictions, variable frame rates, focus peaking and more!

Canon has sexy glass, but their dslr hardware is collecting dust. Without listening to the market they have grasped onto old straws and I am left with no choice but to jump ship to Panasonic and the micro 4/3 system. True the low light performance doesn’t compare, but most stuff I shoot in is properly lit with the right set up anyway. Run and gun will be a matter of converting to wide lens with a low aperture ( the 20mm 1.7 comes to mind).

Size and portability are huge factors to me, and holding the Panasonic is ultra smooth with its metallic body and weather sealed construction. Overall I’m happy with my purchase and will use this for many years to come. An investment piece that will be future proof ( at least for 4k potential) and certainly act as a B camera once I further upgrade.

Until then, its selling my Canon gear and into the new frontier with the GH4.

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